My Impossible List

I came across the concept of the Impossible List from a Youtuber I follow Thomas Frank who then borrowed the idea from Joel Runyon. As they put it, the main differences between the plain ol' bucket list and the ever-changing impossible list are:

  • A bucket list is static, the impossible list evolves.
  • A bucket list gets smaller, the impossible list gets bigger.
  • A bucket list is focused on what you do before you die, the impossible list is focused on how you live.
  • A bucket list revolves around you, the impossible list is focused on others.

I am taking heed and have created my own. For accountability's sake, although it's very personal, I am sharing it here for anyone who'd like to follow.

Active Pursuits

Right now my main focus is on improving my illustration skills while building up the items for sale in my art print shop. 

The rest of my current priorities are declared at this page: What I’m Doing Now

Health/Fitness Goals

  • Quit carbonated drinks and artificial juices. [2018]
  • Have a physical therapy regimen [2018]
  • Journal regularly

Contribution Goals

  • Be a Platinum sponsor at KCON
  • Become an advocate for disability awareness (SMA III)
  • Campaign for LGBTQIA+ rights
  • Donate 5% of store sales to charity
  • Host an outreach program for the less fortunate [Nov 2018] [Nov 2019]
  • Have a scholar
  • Run a "lifesaver" campaign
  • Create an inspirational painting and give it for free (to be displayed at a coffeeshop)
  • Write a book

Financial Goals

  • Invest in the stock market [2019]
  • Build an online store for my art [August 2021]
    • Make it profitable
  • Be financially free by age 40
  • Raise $20,000 to buy an all-accessible car
  • Unlock the "value-based" freelance rate [June 2021]

Skill Goals

  • Learn Italian or French
  • Learn to play "Kiss The Rain" on the piano
  • Learn Photoshop [2017]
  • Learn Procreate and become a proficient illustrator

Travel / Event Goals